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Nick Gnedin

is a research scientist in theoretical astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and a faculty member of the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. His research interests include galaxy formation, reionization, dwarf galaxies, and, by necessity, dark energy. He is a theorist working mainly with cosmological numerical simulations.

Leon Koopmans

is associated professor at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute in the Netherlands, His interests span a broad range of topics but mainly focus on the early (reionization) and late phases (ellipticals) of galaxy formation. He does observations, modelling and theoretical work on each of these topics.

Risa Wechsler


Oleg Gnedin

I am an associate professor in the Astronomy Department at University of Michigan. My main research interests are the formation and evolution of galaxies and massive star clusters. I use large cosmological simulations to model galaxy formation at high redshift. In this KITP program I am interested to understand how the problems with the Milky Way satellite galaxies are affected by the uncertainty in the measured mass of the Galaxy, and how to determine this mass more accurately.