Just add things you want to share, do, or organize here.

Group dinner, Tuesday May 1st

7:30@Pizzeria Olio e Limone

Simona Vegetti
John McKean
Matthias Steinmetz
Neal Jackson
Sherry Suyu
Laura Sales (can join after 7:30pm)
Louie Strigari
Tommaso Treu
Stefania Tutino
Tom Abel

Group dinner, Thursday April 19th

6:30pm @ Woodstock Pizza , Isla Vista

Group dinner, Thursday, March 29

Suggestion: dinner and drinks at the Brewhouse brewery and pub. The Brewhouse is located in downtown Santa Barbara, not far from the State St and Amtrack train station (close to the highway 101) - see map.

We can figure out what is the best time for dinner - I suggest 6:30pm. If we have a rough head count, I can try to call them and make a reservation.
Transportation options are: find someone with a car, Bus 24x departing from just outside KITP - there is a bus at 5:59pm, see schedule here (note you need to check "Alternate schedule" for the times that are run now during Spring break). Note that you will need to walk ~15-20min from the Transit center to the Brewhouse.

If someone wants to bike from KITP, I will be biking and can lead the way. It's about 10 mile bike ride from here (~45min), and is pretty flat.

Put your name here if you'd like to join:

Andrey Kravtsov
Michael Busha (bike)
Mike Boylan-Kolchin (car, can take 3 people)
Leon Koopmans (car, but might leave at 5.30 for home first)
Annika (car, but will leave for Pasadena immediately after dinner)
Tom T. (no car, expert passenger)
Else Starkenburg (no car, would like a lift there, have to get back to KITP/Goleta after dinner (bus?))
Simona (no car, needs a lift)
Molly (car; leaving KITP early but can take people home)

World Music Series at Noon

At noon on Wednesdays through May, you may enjoy free music performed outdoors by various groups at the Music Bowl. Bring a lunch. The Music Bowl is a small amphitheater within the Music Department, located between the UCen and the Main Library. Here is an interactive campus map (requires Flash) or you may download a pdf version.


Hello, you may be interested in a new program in downtown Santa Barbara called 1st Thursday.

On the first Thursday of each month, participating galleries and art-related venues offer free access to visual and performing art in a fun and social environment from 5-8 p.m. 1st Thursday venues feature attractions, such as art openings, live music, artists' receptions, lectures, wine tastings and hands-on activities. In addition, State Street comes alive on 1st Thursday with performances and interactive exhibits. Look for previews of forthcoming plays, symphony performances, concerts and dance productions, as well as local up-and-coming performers. The Downtown Organization also partners with Santa Barbara cultural groups for one-time 1st Thursday attractions.
For more information, maps, etc., go to:

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Sport Activities

Simona Vegetti, John McKean and Maarten Breddels are planning to do indoor climbing at UCSB. If you don't know how to belay (secure the person who's climbing) I think you are still allowed to climb if one of us does the belaying. Let one of us know if you are interested, or add you name here.
-Anna N would like to partake in rock climbing.
-Michele Trenti would be interested in joining (no gear with me, but expect renting of harness+shoes offered at the gym).

Michele Trenti is planning to run (mostly trails) a few times per week at a conversational pace. Let me know if you are interested in joining.